Monday, June 16, 2008

The Men Of My Life

Happy Father's Day!! To the best men I know. I cannot begin to describe the influence these men have had and continue to have on my life.

My dad is the most caring, compassionate and understanding person I know. He flew in (bottom left picture) just to hold his first grandbaby Jackson then turned around and flew home again to be there for work and Kevin while mom was with me in Provo. Then flew up again just to drive our moving truck so I wouldn't have to drive in the car alone with a new baby. He continues to care about me, making sure I'm taking care of myself, and setting an amazing example to me. He is incredibly sensitive to other's feelings and especially to the Spirit. My Dad works so hard at his job, at his callings and at being a Dad. He is a great example of how to live a Christlike life, and be so loving towards other people. He is often quiet but when he speaks its because its something very wise or funny to say. He's incredibly observant, but not when it comes to directions, which I inherited (my mom says she's just glad he finds his way home at night) and he's still the only person that knows how to work the pool heater or the hot tub bubbles. Jackson can't get enough of grandpa and we've ended up at Grandma & Grandpa's house before 8 am many mornings because Jackson just begs to go see them before grandpa goes to work.

My Father-in-Law is the hardest working, most enduring example of the gospel and the importance of family. I love the relationship that Bart and his dad have. They spend hours discussing work, the gospel, the economy, politics, projects, family and anything else. Tradition and strong roots are so important to Grandpa Carl (what Jackson calls him), and the example he sets for his family will definitely be because of those roots. He has an amazing testimony (you can see it in the way he talks to everyone he knows, and how he treats them.) He is so tenderhearted, but puts on a pretty tough facade. He is no nonsense. Bart has often said his father doesn't make mistakes, and its because of the high standard that he sets for himself and those around him. I know the standards Bart holds himself to are a result of the standards his dad has for him, and Bart would kill himself trying to live up to those standards. It's joked around about that Grandpa Carl's philosophy is that you be at church no matter what. You're leg could be broken on the way to church, and you still better be there (and on time). I admit that there have been a few Sundays where that thinking has gotten me and the boys to church solely because of the expectation Grandpa has for us (when I'm really tired and it would be really easy to be late or miss rather than fight the boys by myself again). He works constantly if not on his farm (which is huge, very impressive, and a very daunting, stressful never ending job, that he loves more than anything else he could do - My sister Erin calls it the plantation), he always has projects. Bart and his dad have a project everytime we go up there. It's something they enjoy so much just working together with their hands, building, repairing and always coming up with something to make the lives of their families better.

I'm so grateful for these three men. They are such strong, kind, righteous men. And thanks in large part to them, the two little boys in these pictures (who look up to them so much) - will grow up to be just the same. (For Bart's part keep reading. . . )
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