Sunday, June 15, 2008

There isn't anything in this world that these two little boys love, like they love their daddy. They live for the sound of the garage door opening and daddy coming home. (and lets be honest so do I, but it's not because I want to play horsey or work with tools). Bart is a great Dad. These boys idolize their Dad, and Daddy can't get enough of them either. Everything Jackson does is something he learned from Daddy (yes, even the naughty things) or because he's trying to be just like Daddy. Jackson fixes things around my house all the time, tells me that he needs to wash my car (just like his daddy), and dresses up in Bart's clothes at least once a week (complete with pulte Hard Hat). Carter spent half of sacrament meeting today trying to get his daddy's attention on the stand. Waving, jumping up and down on my lap, and saying Da da over and over. When Bart finally waved back, Carter went crazy. Waving, falling over, giggling. He was hilarious. Jackson practiced all the way home from church saying Happy Fathers' Day Daddy. Carter's first sentence is Hi Da. He picks up anything remotely resembling a phone (TV remote, phone, cell phone, camera, toys it doesn't matter) and says Hi Da over and over. He loves phones and only wants to talk to his daddy. We love our Daddy so much!
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