Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Billy Clapp Lake

Wonderful friends of ours, the Birds (thanks for helping us Josh!), have a great boat house (two actually) out at Billy Clapp Lake. They were kind enough to let up borrow it for the afternoon, and bring the visiting family up to go boating. It was so much fun. The guys and teens got to go tubing and wakeboarding. The kids had a lot of fun digging in the dirt and looking for tadpoles. The mom's chased kids, floated in tubes, or laid out on lawn chairs.

Part of the fun was an elevated deck that everyone jumped off. The kids were amazed that the older ones would do this, (even if a few of them took some coaxing) but Jackson was especially impressed when Bart did it, and then afterward did a front flip off the edge. There's
nothing like impressing a three year old to make you a cool dad huh?

The family
L-R: Abby, Madeline, Bradley, McKell, Emily, Brett, Scott, Matt, Jessica, Tiffany, Linda, Michelle, Ryan, McKell, Shana, Cameron, Garron, Mallory, Tiffany, Jessica, Ryan, Mickie, Scott, Shana, Carl, Tanna.

Our favorite part though (at least mine and Carter's) was the chance we had to run into Bart's cousin Camery and baby Natalie. This little girl is a doll! She held my hands and walked all over. She's only 10 months old (maybe 11 now that I've taken so long to post this) but she was trying so hard to walk, and talk. Not only is she related to us, but she's related to the Bird's so her family was up at the other boat house, and it was so fun to run into them. She also had a little crib and was kind enough to let Carter take a nap (and kind enough to let me have a little break and only have to watch one kid!) Natalie had a wonderful little blow up pool on the deck and when Carter woke up they played and played in it. They even conned Bart into getting in with them. We haven't gotten to spend much time with her since they're in WA and we haven't made it up there very often, but we sure had fun chatting (and would love to see them again, anytime they make it back down to Utah or Vegas - let us know!)
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camery said...

Oh, I just love your posts. And not just because this one had my daughter in it. I'm sorry I didn't make the shower, Natalie fell asleep early that night and I had nobody to watch her. I'm sure it was fun though! We would love to see you guys again, it was great to visit with you. I think I'm coming to vegas in the near future and I will absolutely give you a call!