Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Carter's Second 1st Birthday

When we got back to Las Vegas, (and to make up for the birthday of driving in a car) Carter got a second birthday. He got an animal train (its very cute but very loud) and Carter and Jackson have played trains everyday since (Jackson got one when he was one for Christmas). I came in the family room from the kitchen and saw that they had taken masking tape and taped the cars of both trains together with one engine on each end (so that it can go either way - Jacks explained). Grandma Kathy wanted to get rid of more wedding cake (and redocorated it with clowns for Carter) so he got another go at the birthday cake, this time chocolate. Thanks to both wonderful grandma's who did such a great job helping Carter have a Happy Birthday. I promise Carter next year mama will make you a cake and we won't drive 17 hours on your birthday!
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Pike's Place said...

What a lucky boy! It sure looked as he had fun. What fun parents and grandparents!

Tiffani said...

So fun to see all your pics from your summer adventures. Looks like you are staying busy! Your boys are getting so big! We miss you guys!