Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Okay seriously Fireworks are so much cooler when you live somewhere where there's water and everything is not in danger of burning down. Here in Vegas we have lame fireworks. Even if you go get illegal ones (which we only once when I was little) they're not that great. In Washington you can go down to the little Quincy Supermarket and in the parking lot they have amazing fireworks for sale. Roman candles, (the kids got a big kick out of holding and shooting those), and Jackson and Bart kept lighting off these little minature fireworks that really shot up in the air (like Stadium of Fire but smaller of course and minus Hannah Montana) did amazing explosions. I've never seen both of my kids sit so still and so quiet at one time. But as you can tell from the pictures one thing is wrong with Washington. We were freezing. My poor Las Vegas babies are quite thin blooded and we were so cold. Jackson and Carter were shivering, and at one point Jackson climbed in Daddy's shirt with him to keep warm! Poor wussy kiddos.
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