Saturday, July 26, 2008

Floating the Canal

There are two canals that run along the farm, and the kids love to float down them. This was the first year that Jackson was big enough to go, and he couldn't wait. They take huge tire tubes from tractors or the boat tubes start at the bridge in front of the house. They float down to the bridge in the orchard where the dads (and sometimes the moms when the dads are MIA) pull the kids and the tubes out before they go under the bridge. Then Grandpa (or Uncle) Carl drives his vintage tractor he restored (named Johnny Pop - because it makes a popping noise) down the side of the canal, picks up all the kids and tubes, and give them a ride back to the starting bridge.

Bart & Toby pulling kids out (both in white shirts- good dads)

The hay riders (Those too smart or too chicken to get in the cold water!!)

Grandpa Carl pulling the hayride back for another round of floating!
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