Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm an IDIOT

So for the 2nd time in our marriage I am an idiot. (well probably more than that, but these two are related). Last night as I drove home my gas light came on as I drove in our gate. Today is my sister's birthday and we went to lunch at Cafe Rio (which is like 7 minutes away). When I left the parking lot (it's a lot easier to get out by turning right) so I did and decided to go around the block back towards Sam's Club which is not much more than a block or so away. So I went back down Silverado Ranch to Serene to go to Sam's Club. Half way down Silverado Ranch my car dies. Completely. Not just sputter. Went from completely running to completely dead in an instant. No power steering, no engine, nothing. I'm coasting with no power steering and got all the way down Silverado Ranch, turned right down Serene and got all the way to the stop light at Serene & Spencer. I was just on the wrong side of the intersection from Sam's club to get gas. So Bart had to leave work, go get gas and bring it to me. I couldn't push the Suburban by myself, or take the boys and walk across to get gas since Sam's club isn't a gas station with a convience store and I didn't have anything to put gas into. So I sat there for almost a half hour while no one stopped to even see if we needed help or if we were alright. The whole time blocking the right turn lane at Spencer/Serene. It really helps though when people give you dirty looks or shake their head as they drive past. That will start my car for sure.

Well about 3 minutes before Bart got there, a sweet little hispanic lady stops her car as she pulls around me to turn right, and steps out to ask if we're okay. Said she saw that I had two babies (who were getting heat rash but luckily I had two water bottles with me so I kept wetting their hair down and making them drink) with me and wanted to make sure we're alright. So she gets out of her car and the door shuts and locks. Her other door is locked too. I felt so horrible. She stopped to make sure I was alright and then she was stuck. We tried prying her lock open (her window was cracked thank goodness) using a kid's plastic golf club handle and almost got it, but she finally went to the Meineke across the street and they had something to open locked car doors.

We got to the gas station and got going fine. I'm just so grateful for a wonderful husband who comes to rescue his wife when she does something stupid. I'm even more grateful that when I do something just plain stupid he never makes me feel stupid or anything less than loved. He just hugs me tells me he's just glad we're okay, that he likes to come save his damsel in distress and never mentions it again. The first time I was 8 months pregnant with Jackson teaching 3rd grade in Utah, and ran out of gas on the way to school in the morning. He had to come get me, take me to school, go get gas, and then drive my car to me with his uncle. Never once made a sarcastic or mean comment. The first time was in our Jeep Grand Cherokee. This time in our Suburban. The only car I haven't run out of gas in is our Honda Accord. I think the Japanese must get the dumb American girl who needs a gas light that goes for an entire day before running out, rather than 5 blocks. Seriously? 5 blocks? Unexceptable. Okay next time I'll just put gas in the dumb car.


P & J said...

Love the story and I'm glad everything turned out all right.

Tricia said...

Uhhh, so sorry!! Glad you can already laugh about it. I actually HATE pumpking gas and can't wait for Shane to be old enough, I'll give him a few more years!

Heather said...

That stinks! I have only almost run out of gas once, and I will NEVER get that low on gas again! When my light comes on, I start to panic! But, I know how many miles my little camry can go before I REALLY need to stop! Way to go Bart for saving the day!

The Sorensens said...

What a good husband! Lucky girl. Sorry about the inconvenience! I hope your boys weren't too bad.