Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is it too much to ask for you to just stay alive??

Before we went to Washington Grandma Kathy promised Jackson that she would get him a fish when we got back. The very first morning he woke up in his own bed, he asked me when he got his goldfish... (and I did not remind him, cause I had forgotten). So she had the boys all day (gave me a much needed break to get groceries etc without them) and took him to get his fish. He picked out one of these pearl goldfish. They are almost completely round and look just like they swallowed a pearl. Jacks calls it his ball fish. He named it Skittles. Well we set it up in a cute little bowl, with blue glass rocks and even a plant. He's been feeding the dumb thing every day. Wakes up in the morning and the first thing he asks is 'where's my fish?' well this morning he's floating on the top. Seems the dumb fish got himself stuck on top of the plant and couldn't get back down. So now I have a dead fish, a three year old who thinks its sleeping and a mom who really doesn't want to have another fish funeral and talk about why the fish died again. (Why are all goldfish suicidal? Our last one jumped out of the bowl.) So what do I do? Have another cycle of life discussion? Hide the dead fish and try and get another without him noticing? Give up on fish all together and talk Bart into a hamster or something? (This will never happen I assure you).


Kara said...

For some reason, Goldfish seem to die pretty quickly. Try investing in a Beta fish. We had one for a very long time.

Tiffani said...

Goldfish are the worst... as a kid I had one and named it, it died, got another one and named it, it died, finally by the time I got one that lived, 9 fish later I never named it and it lived for several years nameless.
Good luck! Maybe try a beta!

Courtnie said...

Man, we had fish from Taylor's work party last summer and THEY WOULD NOT DIE!! They weren't a novelty anymore and I couldn't flush them or even go stick them in the pond because I would feel guilty about the ducks eating them. We finally gave them to our neighbors (which now I realize was a bad idea because these boys kill everything!) and I feel guilty like their death is on me. So, good luck. . .I'd say get another when grandma conveniently has the boys again!