Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fish Killer

Just in case anyone is wondering we are on fishy #3. Jackson named them Skittles (the first dead fish). Skittles Again (not just Skittles, Skittles Jr., Skittles the 2nd, It's Skittles Again.), and Grandma. (I have no idea why the fish got named Grandma). But we're trying desperately to save Grandma. She was swimming a little funky (like at any minute she'd give up and turn belly up) earlier today, so we did an emergency bowl overhaul and she is now swimming better. We had a very long day today, and I just couldn't take ending it by killing Grandma. Bart thought I was crazy for caring so much, but we really need Grandma to live at least one more day. Here's hoping. I think if we go back to buy another fish, the lady is going to start getting suspicious and report me to the Fish Protective Services.


Pike's Place said...

I'm sending out "Grandma, stay alive" vibes! :)

KB said...

I'd get another "grandma" on standby! One of the perks of 3 yr olds- they just don't know! :-)