Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mr. & Mrs. Hyrum Pitt

My little sister is married!! Yes - for those who know Jenna, she is only 19. (But she'll be 20 in one week). But its okay and here's why. 1. I love this boy. (Okay that might sound weird, and yes Jenna loves him more than I do- but I do). He is a geniune sweet heart. I've never seen my sister act like this with anyone. From the first time I met him I knew they'd end up married and it had nothing to do with him or what he did, but it was the way she acted around him.

2. He fits our family so well. He is a wonderful uncle (and he even came with practice he had 27 nieces and nephews before they got married) and the boys (all 4 of them, Erin's two & my two) love him. He plays with them all the time, and they just can't get enough of him. Especially his throwing and flipping them. Scared me the first time he did it but he's careful and the boys just squeal they're so happy. The night of their reception he was playing with Jackson on a rolling tray and letting him surf down the hallway. Jackson & Hudson (Erin's 2 year old) call him Hi-room. He even raced home from work to come to Jackson's 3 year birthday party (I'm sure the men enjoyed immensely, I think Bart would have skipped it if he'd been allowed - he says kids parties are excuses for the mom's to get together and talk....yeah so?)

3. He has a wonderful family. He is the 3rd youngest of 11 children (and his mother is still sane). But they are wonderful people. They're from Centerville Utah, and I was really nervous about meeting them. I spent quite a bit of time with two of his sisters and one of his sister in laws. They were amazing. It made me feel so good that if for some reason we weren't here his family would always take care of Jenna. Not only were they good people, but really fun. It's fun to know that not only are we kind of related now, but they're the kind of people that I would be friends with. (and they have an open invite to visit Vegas anytime). They put so much time and work into their open house in Centerville. Their home is beautiful and the reception couldn't have been better (didn't hurt that they had rented two ice cream machines with about 25 different types of brownies and toppings.)

4. When Jenna was growing up she got told she was a mix of Erin and I (which I'm sure she loved). But Hyrum is a very good mix of the men in our family. One minute he's talking sports or construction with Bart (He's a construction management major at BYU) and the next he's critiquing design or fonts on a wedding invitation. Or singing and tap dancing (yes good sport huh? Jenna talked him into tap dancing) during the family talent show. He's willing to help or participate in anything.

5. He makes us feel important and that he wants us to be involved. He let Erin and I set up and hide to watch his proposal. A very intimidating prospect I'm sure. But we had a blast doing it. He is very sentimental, for their first Valentines Day he made Jenna a dictionary of Jenna from our family, with words we all feel describes Jenna. For their engagement a video from each family talking about the two of them. For their wedding dinner everyone in his family and ours contributed to the program in some way, songs, poems, stories... it really helped us get to know them. Family is very important to him. His family and he's made our family feel important as well.

6. I know he loves my sister. He loves Jenna for Jenna. He loves her for being silly, for loving her family, for wanting to help others, for wanting a family of her own to love. He will be a great husband and dad.

** Jackson said to me after we came home from Utah - "mom do you know Jenna Pitt?" I asked him if he knew Jenna Pitt. He said "Mom, (like duh!) It's Jenna Johnson. Now she's Jenna Pitt! Cause Jenna and Hi-room got married!" We told Jackson that Hyrum was going to be uncle Hyrum now because Jenna and Hyrum got married, and so he started calling Hyrum ' uncle hi-room' , a few day after their wedding he called Jenna 'Uncle Jenna' cause they got married.
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Pike's Place said...

I'm glad the wedding went well -- everything looked beautiful and it was fun to see the pics. What a great day! By the way, are you ever coming home? We Las Vegans miss you!

P & J said...

What a beautiful tribute. Congratulations on the new family addition. And you all look GREAT!

Tricia said...

Welcome home! Your sister looks beautiful! I love the glow of a new bride.

Team Harris said...

Awww they look so cute together. I loved seeing these pictures. Happy Birthday to Carter!