Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We went to Seattle to pick up Scott from the airport, and stopped by our favorite on the pier fish shack called Ivar's. They have every kind of fish & chips you can imagine plus the most amazing clam chowder. Even Jackson liked it. He & Carter were also fascinated that the seagulls (or beagulls as Jackson calls them) come right up to you and take fries out of your hand. As you can tell from his face Jacks was quite concerned that they'd come eat his fingers. He also got to see Scuba Divers that were doing a training for the port fire department. They have boats instead of fire engines and race across the Puget Sound to put our fires or save people and they were doing a practice right on the pier coming up and going down after saving a dummy. Jacks kept saving, the divers were 'so awesome mom!'
After lunch we went to the airport and after getting quite lost and going into restricted areas and being kicked out, we ended up in the place we started waiting for Scott. We were quite early though. Almost an hour, by the time he got through customs. So how do you keep kids busy? Well Jackson danced with his sign for a little while, then ran around the baggage claim carousel (chased by Uncle Brett and Aunt Tiffany (thanks guys)) and then practiced jumping up and giving daddy high fives.
How do you keep Carter happy for that long? COOKIES! What an easy kid!
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