Monday, July 14, 2008

What the . . . crow?

Our drive to Washington started at 1pm July 2nd, and ended at 8:30 am July 3rd. Not fun. We drove up through Nevada on the Extraterrestrial Highway. (Not kidding - how much more of a dumb name can we come up for this road, but don't worry they sell Alien Jerky the whole way up it. Good thing huh?) So Bart tells me that the only thing we really need to worry about is hitting a deer. Great. (Plus we couldn't live down hitting a dear, since Bart is so nice to his sister for hitting a deer in our car). While on the lookout for deer (and aparently aliens since those are abundant), we saw birds in the road. Honk the horn = birds fly away. Well someon e didn't tell one bird this little simple equation. 3 fly away. The 4th sits on the side of the road. Fine. Sit on the side of the road, at least its not in the middle of the road. (Especially because if you know my husband that means if you hit the bird, bird guts get on the car, and then we have to wash the car immediately.) Well at the last minute this indecisive, suicidal bird flies up from the side of the road. Without giving us a chance to swerve, ended its poor life on our passenger side view mirror. Denting the chrome strip down the side of the car. Completely destroying the mirror and except for the wiring snapping it clean off the side of the car. (If anyone is wondering side view mirrors run almost $200, and no you can't just buy the broken part, this logic is dumb). Also exploding bird on side view mirror is very loud (I screamed -it was on my side in my defense... and Jackson laughed). Luckily bird exploding on the side of the car didn't result in bird guts all over the road or we would have had to wash the car as well. Instead we just stopped in Ely (the metropolis along the Extraterrestrial Highway) at the only Ace hardware we saw the entire trip, which closed 3 minutes after we got there. Bart duct taped the mirror to my window because it wouldn't come off the car until we had more tools and was flapping very loudly and probably denting the car worse. (Which in all reality just helped us fit in with these little alien towns we drove through all night.) ** Side note while sitting in the Ace parking lot taping the mirror to the window - Carter threw up everywhere. Then on the return drive home, threw up in Ely again. Bart thought he was sick. I just don't think Carter likes Ely. The only choice to stop is McDonalds and I was fighting the same urge just thinking about eating at McDonalds again.
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Pike's Place said...

Birds are not known for their smarts . . . no fun!!! Fortunately, anything can be fixed with duct tape!