Saturday, July 26, 2008

What a sad birthday!

Our poor little Carter kind of got shafted this year for his 1st birthday. We left at 1pm on his birthday and then drove 17 hours to Washington. We got there at 8am the next morning. It was not a fun drive for Carter or Jackson and especially not for Bart or I. The boys were really good, and most of the time didn't have too hard of a time (minus one throwing up session in Ely, Nevada) but since Carter seems to take after the Yeates/Winder side of the family (in looks, in earaches, in getting a billion teeth at 6 months old) he decided he must also continue the Winder tradition of at least one child must throw up on each road trip. So he took that solemn duty upon himself on the way up (and subsequently on the way home as well.) These pictures were on his real birthday (he had two fake birthdays later on), and before they fell asleep. Bart and I tried to stop about 3am for a break but of course the minute we pulled off the road the boys woke up and wouldn't be quiet. Well Carter wouldn't be quiet. Jackson tried as hard as he could telling Carter to be quiet so mama & daddy could have a nap. But Carter grinned and talked, sang and clapped. So we pulled back on the road and made it the rest of the way to Washington (with a little help from Liquid X - an energy drink my dad was helping with a while ago, and just happened to have a few cans of around to help us stay awake all night).
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Pike's Place said...

I am amazed you survived such a long trip. Kudos to you guys! I don't think Jer and I would have the patience for such a long car ride.