Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Big Brother's Teach you Lots of Fun Stuff

Isn't that what big brother's are for? Jackson taught Carter to jump from the coffee table onto the couch. This is what Jacks told me he was doing... (I took it out of preschooler language, but you get the idea) Step 1: clear couch of all cushions. Step 2: Push coffee table up to the couch (because little brother's can't jump very far -Jackson's explanation) Step 3: When brother can't climb up on the coffee table, go get step stool and set it up so he climbs up the steps and onto the table. Step 4: Run as fast as you can up over the top and show little brother how to do it. Jackson was so proud of himself for teaching Carter how to do something. Carter was so proud of himself for keeping up with Jackson and doing something so cool. Now this happens on an almost daily basis. Thank you Jackson.
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