Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Case of the Mysterious Red Spots

Here's some of his pictures posing with his spots, they're not in chronological order and the really red ones from the beginning are missing (and yes he'll appreciate when he's a teenager all the shots of him in his underwear. . . ) and the blue spots are marker (not part of the weird disease) although when the Dr. saw the blue was concerned because apparently blue rashes are very bad. (***note to all parents blue rash = bad)

The Tuesday after Labor Day weekend Jackson woke up covered in bright red spots. (I have pictures somewhere but when I loaded them they are missing.) They looked almost exactly like chicken pox (from my intensive googling of chicken pox children). I called his pediatrician and they said bring him in right away. He wasn't itching or scratching the spots but there were quite a few of them that had little heads to them (almost like little zits). So when we got to the Dr. they took him right in, and after the Dr. had a chance to look at him, she said well the good news is it's not chicken pox. (which I was thrilled because then Carter would have gotten them too, and being pregnant around chicken pox is not a great idea). The bad news its a contagious virus like chicken pox (don't remember the technical name) but it effects little kids in the summer time, and especially kids that play outside alot. She said don't let him play outside (heat makes the rash worse) and don't let him be around any other kids until a day or two after the rash goes away... (I called back to see how long he was contagious)

Well Jackson learned very quickly that red spots are a great bargaining tool. The next two days went like this. "Mom? Can I have a happy meal because I have spots?" "Mom, Can I watch a movie because I have spots?" "Mom, can I have chocolate milk because I have spots?" I would go to say no, and then I'd look at my poor sweet boy covered in weird red spots, and honestly just feel so bad he got whatever he wanted. (It only lasted 2 days though, then we went back to mean mom).

As the days went on (of us being pretty much home bound, with two little boys who really enjoy being kept inside all day everyday....) the rash changed quite quickly. The first about 8 hours it was the chicken pox looking thing, but by the time we got home from the Dr. it had flattened out, and was starting to spread. It covered from his forehead to his knees at the worst. Gradually it became more and more mottled looking and spread to almost cover his entire body in one big spot. It turned from a bright red bunch of little spots, to almost one giant purple birthmark looking spot. This is our reason for not being at anything (there was about 5 ward events going on last week that we missed) I just really didn't want to be the girl that gave the entire ward red spots.

The good news is other than a runny nose and a cough - Jackson didn't even realize he was sick. When I would ask him if the spots were bothering him (itching or hurting) he would say "no, my spots are being careful with me, they're not hurting me" and go back to playing. Carter never came down with anything (for once) althought it would have made for some cute pictures of the red spotted brothers... Overall it wasn't too bad (for a weird spotted virus) the worse part was that he looked way worse than he felt. I had to take him to the store at one point (we had no bread, cereal, milk, eggs, cheese, lunch meat, soup or lunch stuff (chips, fruit, string cheese etc) so I put long sleeves and long pants on him (to not scare the public into thinking he had a fatal disease) but that trip to the grocery store was Jackson's highlight of the week (sad huh? He got a doughnut). Well the spots finally disappeared on Monday, so Jackson's first outing was to playgroup yesterday (we all really needed that...)
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Hawley Family said...

Oh poor poor boy!! Ha ha...I love that he used his spots to his advantage!! Smart! Anyways...congrats on the pregnancy...I have been so out of it lately...I totally must have missed the announcement!! Hooray for you..hope you feel better!

Kara said...

That looks awful! Poor guy. I'm glad all is okay and nothing worse came of it.

lindsay said...

poor kid! don't kids get the weirdest things? i'm glad that nobody else got it and now you can return to being "mean mom."

Shelise said...

That is the strangest looking rash I have ever seen. I hope hes doing better. poor kid.

Pike's Place said...

Yay! I'm glad the scary-looking spot fest is over. For selfish reasons, I'm glad you can mingle with us now.