Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Dear Little Carter

This little talker. We can't keep him quiet. Today in Relief Society he was squirming and squirming so I finally took him out and just 4 steps from the door in a loud voice he yells "ha, ha, ha, ha!" Like he'd won. Then ran down the hallway saying ha ha over and over again. Yesterday he learned the word no. Bart and I were whispering (so Jacks wouldn't hear) about the boys going down for the night (I still had my talk to write for Sacrament, so we were trying to get them to bed a little early). Very quiet we hear this "no, no, no, no, no" and realized it was Carter. Then he got a little louder, once he knew he was getting attention, and then when Bart picked him up even louder "No, No, NO NO NOOO!!!" Down the hall into his room.

Other Carter words
* Hi
* Hewoo (hell0)
* Dinko (Dinosaur)
* Uht at? (what's that?)
* No
* Mam Mam (mama)
* Daddeee
* dog

Carter Tricks
* Dancing - spinning in circles and stomping his feet or head banging in the car
* Singing - to any song he hears
* Climbing on every piece of furniture he can the higher the better
* Giving kisses (Big open mouth, sometimes licking you kisses)
* Gives five
* Pulling his diaper off (not a fun trick)

We've just been surprised lately how much babies start to understand before we realize they do. Carter knows everything going on, and has input about it. The other night Jackson got upset because he didn't get to say goodbye to Grandma, so she came back to his side of the car to give him a hug goodbye. When Carter started yelling, so she and Grandpa went to his side too, and he gave them each a hug and a big kiss on the cheek goodbye. It was so cute. I'm just amazed at how much he understands and listens to. You tell him to do something, pick up toys and put them away and he does, ask him where his pants are (cause he's always taking them off) and he'll show you. Yesterday I found him sitting in his room on the floor trying to put his shoes on his feet. I remember feeling this way with Jackson too, but it still amazes me to see how special children are. I don't think we realize how much these little ones really come with on their own. I know parents can influence them, but there is so much personality and intelligence there that I don't think most of the time we give our kids enough credit. They are such special little people.

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hollyhs said...

you're so right! i think that all the time about sonnet...she is way smarter than i give her credit for and if i just take a step back and actually watch her, she amazes me with all she can understand and do!

Anna said...

that is so cute... and it gives me a moment to show Joshua off. He likes to lead the music in sacrament meeting and the other day I was singing him "I'm trying to be like Jesus" and he started leading my singing.

Maybe if we ever move we'll head down to Vegas so Carter and Joshua and baby and baby can be friends.

ps. do you have an ultrasound scheduled?