Sunday, September 14, 2008

Slurpee Love

The smiley face with the closed eyes is the face I get everytime Carter sees me pull out the camera.

So how do you get two little boys to leave the playground willingly without screaming? And without me having to carry them out by force ? Bribery. Slurpees. Carter got to try his first slurpee. To be honest it was really hot and I really wanted a slurpee too! So we went with Jackson's little friend Jace and Jace's baby (that's what Jackson calls Jace's little sister Alyssa). Thanks Lisa for humoring me....sorry about mentioning the *S word (slurpee) in front of Jace... Jackson picked out his flavor, and I was trying to decide what to get Carter. Well I thought Cherry was a pretty safe bet except I didn't think about the fact that it's bright red and stains everything. Carter was red for two days before it finally wore off. I should have gone with pina colada (the best slurpee flavor ever) not because I thought Carter would love it but because its white!! Oh well...
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Pike's Place said...

You can say the "s" word (slurpee) anytime. To be honest, I was so hot and thirsty, it sounded awfully good. Thanks for suggesting it! By the way, how did the talk go? I thought about you today!

AlliFinn said...

Carter is looking more like Jackson! We need a Vegas trip! Hope your feeling well!