Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why I've washed 900 towels this week

Jackson rediscovered the fun of the linen closet, and introduced Carter to it. He has emptied my linen closet about 6 times in the last 2 weeks. The first day I walked in the kitchen and he had made a big pile of towels in the middle of the kitchen floor. When he explained what he was doing I couldn't help but love this kid a little more. Along with the plans he was making about building his farm (previous post - Jackson's overactive imagination) He knew that we couldn't build a farm by ourselves, so he built Grandma Mickie a bed, so she could come visit and help us. He had it all planned out, and knew that Grandma was going to need a place to sleep (besides the other two extra beds we already have, I guess those weren't good enough). So Grandma anytime you want to come visit we've got a place for you. (and I promise I'll wash the towels before you get here).

We have a cabinet in our hallway that is a favorite hideout, toy cabinet, and in a pinch its a washing machine or a rocket ship. This day it was the rocket ship. The boys dragged every towel down the hallway, filled the cabinet and then climbed in themselves. When daddy got home they took a few out so that he could fit too, and he went on a ride with them in their rocket ship.
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lindsay said...

so cute! i love seeing how my girls aren't the only ones that love to get out all the towels, except ours is for the pretend beach. i guess that's the diff between boys and girls.

Pike's Place said...

Unfortunately, towels take up so much room in the washer/dryer -- so many, many batches! What active imaginations, however. Fun boys!