Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another Tag

Okay, here's another one I got tagged a while ago. Now most of the time I think Tags are kinda dumb, but thinking about it, it at least helps me remember favorites etc. right now. So feel free to do it or not.

8 Favorite TV shows...
1. Project Runway
2. Numb3rs
3. Smallville
4. Chuck (Bart and my favorite show)
5. Burn Notice (Hate that this is only on in the summer)
6. Ace of Cakes
7. Boston Legal
8. House

8 Favorite Restaurants...
1. Claim Jumper
2. Cheesecake Factory
3. Chevy's (Bart hates it, but I love their chips & salsa & Flautas!)
4. Carrabbas
5. The Olive Garden
6. Cafe Rio
7. Chipotle
8. Pei Wei (Not sure the last three count as Restaurants really but I love them anyway)

8 things that happened yesterday...
1. Bart let me sleep for a little while yesterday morning (he's so nice to me & I'm always exhausted)
2. Cleaned the house
3. Bart went to Priesthood and I went to Red Robin with the boys just for fun (I had hot wings surprise!!)
4. Took the boys Halloween Costume shopping (still haven't found a winner)
5. Mike & Julie came to stay with us
6. Watched Iron Man (so good)
7. Ate ice cream
8. Stayed up bugging Bart (I get a little punchy at night, and try to make him play with me or talk when he wants to sleep... he loves it really.)

8 things to look forward to...
1. Going to Utah to see family this weekend (if Tanya has her baby...get on that okay?)
2. Carter's first Halloween where he'll get the idea of trick or treating
3. All the holidays coming (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years it all goes so fast)
4. Fall! I love that its cooling down!
5. Our new baby (and not being pregnant! Ha! But first I have to find a name)
6. Hopefully Bart finding a new job with a little more security
7. Playgroup (fun activities each week to keep the kids busy)
8. Snuggling my boys everyday

8 things I love about Fall...
1. Colors (oh wait, Vegas has none) and Leaves (oh wait, we don't have those either)
2. Jackets (I'd wear long sleeves and jackets year round if I could)
3. Yummy food (apple crisp, hot chocolate, apple cider, anything with pumpkin)
4. Kids can play outside and not cook
5. Morning and Night (when you go out and its just a tad cold, but then its perfect during the day)
6. Taking my kids to the pumpkin patch, Jackson's been talking about this for 2 months
7. Football - I really like football, but if you ask Bart I'm not diehard enough. I think its a very good wife who will watch at least 1(most of the time more than 1) game a day with her husband...
8. Decorations... It's a close race to see if fall/Halloween decorations or Christmas decorations win, but if you don't count the Christmas Tree I think I have more fall decor and I love it.

8 things on my wishlist...
1. Canon xsi (Digital SLR camera... )
2. Healthy baby (okay this is number one but I want the camera to take pictures of this cute new baby)
3. That all this economy stuff would go away, and that families can survive on a single income so mom's can stay home and take care of kids like they should!
4. That someday we'll have a house big enough for all our kids, with a big yard for them to play
5. Take my kids on trips (to see family, to see sites, to travel to fun places, just to make memories)
6. Lose Jackson's baby weight... (Carter's was easy, but its the leftover from Jacks I'm fighting and now we're adding on again...oh goody)
7. Digital cutting system (Not a cricket, I want this really cool one, but it's a lot of money....isn't everything!?!)
8. That my kids will always love each other & me.

8 people I tag...
1. Christa
2. Crafty Ashley
3. Lisa
4. Adri
5. Holly
6. Julie
7. Jeniece
8. Mitzi


Christa Jeanne said...

How did I KNOW I was going to be tagged when I saw this was a tag entry? Haha. Thanks, Kel! :)

Julie said...

We love Numb3rs too! And Smallville! Right now we are watching Season 4 that we ordered. Don't tell me about the current season! We don't get it here so I have to wait until it comes out on DVD. I really miss good food and Chipotle is on my list too. Don't get me started.

kendal said...

If you want a cricket machine on loan in the meantime, I NEVER use mine during the semester...I put up all my halloween decorations last weekend. My roommates think I'm crazy!