Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The only thing Jacks wanted to do while in Utah

Feed Grandma Johnson's ducks. Across the street from Grandma's house is a business park with a duck pond. Jacks couldn't get enough of the ducks. "How old are the ducks?" "Where do the ducks sleep?" "Do the ducks love to play?" It's the only thing he kept asking for everyday. "Can we go feed the ducks again?"
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Anna said...

ducks are fun. Canadian geese (especially the ones at Salem Pond) are NOT! Today I barely rescued Joshua from a two on one geese attack. And right before we left, I actually did run in and rescue another little boy who was being bitten (do geese bite if they don't have teeth) by the same awful creatures. His very pregnant mom on the other side of the park was very greatful. (And I felt like a very good person)

Erin King said...

Jackson is obviously your son- he has flip-flops on in the cold :)