Saturday, October 11, 2008

Orchard Adventures

Most people who have lived in Vegas for a long time know about Gilcrease Orchard, but somewhere I missed out on this. Our playgroup went last year but we weren't in town. This year (a few weeks ago) I was excited to take the boys. We've picked apples at Grandpa Carl's farm, and Jackson was so excited. So I thought this would be great. We drove out to North Las Vegas (its about 30-45 minutes), and once we got inside I quickly realized I might need a produce lesson. There were easy ones like pumpkins (not ripe yet), watermelon (not ripe yet), green peppers (not ripe yet), tomatoes (not ripe yet). But I realized that the ones that were ripe (zucchini, plus a lot of other types of squash I have no idea what they were), melons (lost of types I have no idea what they were), eggplant (which I have no idea what to do with it) were a little more confusing. So we trekked through all kinds of rows of produce. Trying to figure out what was ripe, what to pick and what to do with it.

Sadly these were the only pictures I got of the boys facing the camera (and the only one taken of Carter the entire day). Carter ran and ran and ran. Up and down the aisles, through the tons of melon vines. He ran until he was so tired he couldn't run anymore. I ended up carrying him most of the rest of the day. He was covered in little scratches from corn stalks, and I stepped in a quicksand mud puddle and completely covered both of my shoes, but overall we had fun. We stopped and got the kids lunch, and then drove home, and of course Carter fell asleep not even two minutes from our gate.

Here's our stash. Well minus what the boys ate (they love eating the apples that they picked). We just might have to make this a regular occurrence in our house (except were going when the produce is tomatoes and green peppers (I'm a pro at using those!)


Pike's Place said...

I'm so glad you guys came!

Team Harris said...

That is the most adorable picture of Carter and the background looks so cool. It could be in an advertisement.