Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Like a month behind. . .

Carter's first pumpkin patch trip. Last year he was about 4 months old. This year was called prove mom wrong. I didn't think he'd do any of the rides, and was shocked that he did every one and the ones I thought were the most scary were the ones he wouldn't get off. This was the first ride (we started a little tame to avoid any meltdowns) but Carter loved driving the car with the big boys (Jackson, Shane & Trevor). The meltdown came when I tried to get him out of the car!

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Pike's Place said...

I remember being surprised at how brave Carter was on those rides -- he shouldn't be so big and brave! (Isn't he your little one?). Oh, yeah -- you're having another baby, so I guess he'll be the middle one soon. How time flies!!!