Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Questions I got asked today. . . .

* How does Santa Claus get in our house? Magic
* How does he get out of the fireplace because our fireplace is locked? Magic (isn't that the answer to all questions about Santa?)
* What does Uncle Cameron do for work? (How do you explain graphic design to a three year old? I tried, I told him Uncle Cameron makes things out of computers, paper and art. I think he thinks Cameron scrapbooks... sorry Cam!)
* Where does Santa live? The North Pole
* Can I have a North Pole? No.
* Where does he keep his wrapping paper? In his wrapping paper room.
* How do you make Pumpkin Pie? With Pumpkin.
* Why do you make Pumpkin Pie with pumpkin? You just do.
* How does Santa know what to bring me for Christmas? We need to write him a letter.
* What does Uncle Hyrum do for work? Same thing as Daddy (Construction).
* Why does Uncle Hyrum go to school? To learn what he's going to do for work.
* Why does he need to learn? AHHH!
* When Uncle Hyrum stops going to school does he stop learning forever? (ummm.... )
* Why are penguins legs stuck together? That's just how they walk.
* Why do they walk like this? Because their feet are stuck together.
* Why do pens come apart? After taking all daddy's pens apart...

These were all on Thursday (the day before we left to go to Utah for the weekend...) in one car ride. Jackson has become the unending question asker. We have also reached the momentous occasion of "Why". After almost every one of these questions he responds with "Why?" Between Carter's "No!" and Jackson's "Why?" I'm going to lose my mind (or at least my hearing...)

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Shelise said...

I was totally laughing. Partly at his questions and partly at your answers. I would have answered the same way as you on most of them.