Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The boys have taken up doing the laundry. I decided that the only way I was going to get laundry done without putting myself into labor from bending over and over again, was to employ a little child labor. So I get the laundry basket, put it under the dryer, and let the boys pull all the clothes out. Then I slide it down the hallway to their rooms, with my foot, and then pull the clothes out of the washer, hand it to them, and they put it in the dryer. They think this is great fun. (Maybe I can convince them of this until they're like 21 . . .) Although I came back from pushing the laundry to Carter's room, and found that it's even more fun to put yourselves in the dryer instead of the clothes. Then Jackson and I had to have a discussion about why its not okay to put yourself or your brother in the dryer AND THEN TURN IT ON! He was begging to go for a ride. I could envision this getting very bad very quickly. (Look familiar Tanna? Bart's aunt put him in the dryer when he was little...)
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Vance & Adri Petersen said...

I love reading your blog, I'm sorry about your irritability, I hope everything it's ok with you and the baby. Only 90 days to go! not bad, time flys! I hope we can see you guys for the caroling, hot chocolate and cinamon rolls at your parents I'm craving that so bad, we're leaving to mexico on the 20th so I hope I can see you before that :) Take care

The Lowe Family said...

we'd love to send you a christmas card. What's your address?