Monday, December 1, 2008

Carter's 1st Day of Nursery

(Carter just out of nursery for the first time - I guess the finger is for first time!)
As any parent of a 10 month - 17 month old knows church is not fun. They are old enough to cause lots of noise and wiggle constantly, but not old enough to go to nursery. I've said over and over I think we need a nursery for 12 months to 18 months, and a port-a-crib room, where you can bring a port-a-crib and let the babies who want to take naps. This will never happen, but I can dream. Well due to my early contractions I can't fight Carter for three hours. So the Bishop and Primary President gave him special permission to go to nursery a month and a half early. So here is Carter's first day of nursery. He could not have been more thrilled that he got to play with the other kids, and finally go to the room with all the toys. (He tried every week, and knows where both nursery rooms are, and runs like mad trying to make it in there before someone shuts the door, or I grabbed him). He's gone for three weeks so far, and hasn't had any trouble yet. Our nursery leaders have been very sweet about our situation, and as long as Carter doesn't cause any problems (besides eating crayons, which apparently is his favorite nursery activity) are willing to help me out and hopefully keep this baby from coming too early. They have no idea how appreciated this service is, and what a life saver it has been so far.

(Not even two minutes later - pulling out of the parking lot, nursery must be so fun he played himself completely out! We've had really good naps after church!)
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Kara said...

I agree with the early nursery thing. You're lucky to be able to take Carter early. I think Hallie would love to be able to go play with all the toys and other kids. Only 2 more months :)

craftyashley said...

Yes, there needs to be a nap room. Especially if we are moved back to the 1pm time slot!

Pike's Place said...

Holy cow! I didn't realize Carter was already in there -- how awesome! Can he teach Alyssa how to cope better?