Monday, December 1, 2008

House Arrest

Due to my apparent irritability we're limited on our adventures lately, and so have been trying to find activities that will keep a three year old and one year old from mutiny-ing (I know not a word, but how do you spell that?) so we had turkey day. Jackson and Carter each made a turkey (which tracing a one year old's hand is not easy!) but Jackson did a fantastic job and was so happy with how well his turkey ended up. We made two - one for our house and one for Grandma Mickie (sorry Grandma Kathy, we didn't have the patience for three, good intentions, just didn't happen) in fact we never even finished Carter's turkey to keep at home, I just packed it up unassembled and put it in the Thanksgiving decorations, how sad is that? Maybe next year I'll get it glued together, at least I have the handprints from his little one year old hands though...oh well.
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Carl & Mickie Yeates said...

You will never know how much I love those turkeys. Their little hands are precious. I have them on the fridge and they will probably stay there for a year til I get new ones (hint, hint) I miss you and the kids like crazy and the "hand" turkeys help a little to ease my pain. Love Grandma Mickie

Jenna said...

why does jackson look so dang old! stop growing little boy! i mean it.