Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Playgroup

One of our rare outings lately was to the Thanksgiving Playgroup for our ward, and thanks to Julie they had cute little turkeys to make out of rice krispie balls and toothpicks with various candies for the feathers. The boys (all 4 - wow was that a handful) had fun, although Carter (green stripes) was too busy eating the turkey to put it together, Jackson (MIA) wouldn't sit still long enough for the picture, and Sawyer (white shirt) was too little to really make one, so Hudson (green shirt with white sleeves) was the only cooperating one who let me get a picture of him with his turkey. 1:4 not so bad right? This week has been a realization that I'm crazy and getting myself way over my head with three little boys under 4... don't mind me when I lose my mind. It's inevitable.
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