Monday, December 1, 2008

Warning: One Year Olds are Stinkers

Well about two weeks ago my baby went from sweet baby to very busy stinker toddler. I knew the day would come (and Bart keeps reminding me Jackson was just as bad), but Carter has really upped the ante lately. We find him climbing on top or into everything. This was .2 seconds after Carter decided he needed more noodles, Bart was doing dishes (which he does almost every night, I have the best husband), and I was trying to help Jackson. We turned around and Carter had climbed off his chair onto the counter grabbed the pot of noodles and was holding it up to his face licking the bottom clean. (The first picture is him blurry putting the pot down when he realized he was caught). If you notice there is soup all over his pajama pants and the counter, he had noodles down his shirt and in his hair.

Have I mentioned this kid averages two baths a day? Saturday he had a bath, then it was time for lunch when he took his hamburger Bart had BBQ'd and pulled apart the buns, and put them on his head (ketchup & mustard side down of course), and yelled Yay! Needless to say there was another bath following lunch. Our water bill is going to double just from his bathtime routines.
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Jenna said...

awww but look how happy he is in the pictures!! (easy for me to say in my kid-free home in provo :)