Monday, January 5, 2009

Caroling . . .

The Crowd. . . (those that fit on the trailer that is) A family in our ward got a huge hay trailer and we got to carol hayride style with as many people as we could cram on there. We did great until the very last house when it started to rain, and in just a few blocks back to the house we all got pretty soaked!

Jackson and his friends. . . . So surprisingly no one fell off the back of the trailer, especially with how many preschoolers we had crammed into the middle of the hayride. We went to a neighborhood next to ours, and sang to 5-6 houses then came back to our house for homemade cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. Lots of fun with lots of friends, and thanks for all those that came to help us celebrate Christmas, even though it was much colder than anticipated!

Carter proving he's as big as everyone else. . . Once we let him ride on the trailer with everyone else, he had to sit by himself on a hay bale, not on mom's lap. He wanted to be a big kid, and tried to run all over proving he could do everything Jackson and his friends were doing.

Before Carter was released (being held by our resident ward cop...we won't tell) Bart drove the suburban behind the trailer and kept watch with his hazards on to make sure no one got too close or didn't see our trailer. Carter went along with this for a few houses, but by the 3rd house or so decided he wanted out!

Thanks again to everyone that came, although the day was a little crazy and a little cold (it snowed at one point during the afternoon, and rained later that night). We had a fun time keeping the caroling tradition of Christmas alive, and next year there will be no trips to the ER prior to the party. (Last year Jackson was throwing up in my bed during the party, this year the ER, next year he's not going to be invited if he doesn't behave...) Thanks also to the friends that bailed me out and baked pans of cinnamon rolls at their homes prior to the party since I suddenly wasn't home to bake them all in time! You girls saved me!!
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Tricia said...

We should be thanking you!! We had so much fun and our love our little tradition. What have you gotten yourself into? Thanks again.

Pike's Place said...

I agree with Trica -- thank you!! You went above and beyond despite the fact that you were dealing with major medical trauma. Yet it was pulled off beautifully! Thanks again! We had a blast!