Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Carter's only venture outside

Bart trying to hold Carter and sled (I have no idea why it helps to hold the baby up in the air but whatever), and Jackson followed by Carter/Bart being pulled down the driveway by Uncle Scott...

It was freezing, and we were practically snowed in at the cabin (up the canyon from Heber). It started snowing shortly after we got there, and didn't quit until just before we left. We estimated that we got between 18-20 inches in a little over a day. It was crazy. Everyone made one attempt at outside play, and all the big kids went off to go sledding, and Bart and Scott took Jackson & Carter. At first they attempted the driveway hill that comes down to the cabin. But it wasn't slick enough so they weren't going very well. Most of the big kids went off to a better sledding hill, but poor Carter didn't last very long. He made it down the hill once, then played for a little bit on the porch of the cabin, then cold and frozen, mama decided her baby had frozen enough and made him come inside. And yes, he was still bundled to death. If the child can move, then its not enough right?

(playing on the porch, notice the snow almost as tall as carter is behind him)

Defrosting... poor frozen baby
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