Monday, January 12, 2009

Cause they could. . .

With all the fun of Christmas, and all the extra people around Jackson and Carter quickly learned that they could get away with pretty much anything. Jackson took after his daddy and went to town on those huge sugar cookies that you can get at almost any grocery store. They're Bart's favorite, and so I buy them for him on special occasions, but man those things are pure sugar, and so sickenly sweet I can't eat even one. Jackson downed three in one sitting (just like Bart does). Carter discovered he could pretty much get anyone to give him anything he wanted, but most of the time it was his ba ba. He had egg nog, sparkling apple cider, soda and I'm sure anything else he wanted, all in his ba ba. I don't let him have it very often, but this trip he got away with it whenever he wanted. The threat of the banshee baby scream, and he quickly won. Don't they look thrilled? Stinkers.
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craftyashley said...

And we are totally addicted to those Lofthouse cookies at our house too!