Sunday, January 4, 2009

Chocolate Penny Factory

Here's our Christmas Desert tradition... a trip to the Ethel M's Chocolate Factory or as Jackson calls it the Chocolate Penny Factory. No sooner was Thanksgiving over when Jackson starts asking to go to the Chocolate Penny Factory. I had no idea what he was talking about. He starts talking about the pokies on the catcuses (his word, I realize its cacti...I was a teacher.) and the tons of colors (the lights). I realized that he remembered (how I don't know) that we went for the first time last year, and was asking when we were going again. At the chocolate factory they give out a chocolate sample for everyone that comes through and for the kids they give out chocolate coins. Jackson loved his chocolate penny. So the last night just before Hudson, Sawyer, Erin & Cameron flew home, Cameron & Hudson came with us to the Chocolate Penny Factory.

(Tell me how the children who are moving are clear, and the lights which are stationary are blurred??)

Supposed to be a cute picture of Cam & Hudson but Jackson refused to get out of the picture because he loves Hudson and Cameron so much.

(Jackson & Hudson hugging goodbye... Jackson was heartbroken that his favorite cousin had to go)

When it was time to go, Jacks ran back into the cactus garden and wouldn't come out. When I went back in to get him, he said we had to go again, because Hudson couldn't leave. Erin stayed home with Sawyer who was asleep, so she said goodbye to Jackson before we left, and told him that after we went to the Penny Factory, Hudson was going to get on a plane and fly home. So Jackson in his three year old logic decided that if we stayed in the garden (forever) then Hudson didn't have to go home. He cried and cried on the drive home for 'His Hudson'. We sure miss our Hudson when he goes home. It would be fun it we lived closer and got to be a part of the little things our families' do, but since we don't the times we get to spend are even more fun.
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