Friday, January 16, 2009

Dinosaurs, Toy Story & Trains Oh My!

Jackson and Carter got roaring, walking dinosaurs to add to their collection (we already have two), but they were definitely excited to increase their herd. Carter's first sound he would make was a dinosaur roar, he didn't care about what sound doggies made, or where his nose was, but if you ask what a dinosaur says, you get a very loud, very low roar!
These are our new best buddies around our house. Woody and Buzz came to live with us. Buzz now goes to bed with Jacks almost everynight, (watches movies, and he tried to get Buzz to take a bath with him, but luckily we caught him and explained why Buzz can't go in the tub - Crisis averted.), but even cooler was that Buzz came with his own Big Boy space ranger watch (or compass, I have no idea what it does, Jacks just loves it). Carter opened Woody, and in a small, quiet voice of awe, said "Wood-dee", he's never said it before. But true to movie, Woody gets dragged rag doll style around our house to accompany Carter on his many adventures. Although most of the time he is missing his hat, and his camping gear (came with sleeping bag & lantern). The boys trade buddies every once in a while, and are very good about playing together, but there are definite loyalties, and before the day is through end up trading back to their rightful owners. I'm sure pretty soon here Jacks will ask me to write his name on Buzz's foot just like in the movie...(or realistically he'll try to do it himself, and end up writing on my wall as well.)
The boys each got a big set for Christmas from Grandma & Grandpa. Jackson's is a space station train, with a million pieces of aliens, rocket ships & astronauts. Carter got a Little People amusement Park, that has cars that go up and down a rollercoaster, ferris wheel, spinning teacup type ride, and makes all kinds of noises. My first morning home consisted of putting all 5000 pieces of both of these sets together (doesn't that sound like a daddy job? I informed Bart he gets to do these from now on), and after setting up the space train 3 times, and having Carter knock it apart while Jackson played with it, we glued some of it together, so that we only have to put like 6 pieces together instead of 340. But these are great fun. The boys also trade very often, or both play on one set for quite a while. I love that they stay busy for more than 20 minutes. And yes, Buzz has gone to space using the space train over and over again.
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