Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year Jenna & Hyrum - Jackson & Carter made Jenna dance with them forever, and dress up in different New Year's hats... You two are very good sports.
This was the first year that our kids got in on the fun. And yes like most parents we celebrated with New York at 9:00pm, rather than wait and try to keep kids up until midnight. We had chocolate & caramel fondue, and reenacted our childhood tradition of banging pots and pans when the ball fell.
Erin and I used to babysit, the little kids (Jenna, Ryan & Kevin - we called them the little kids till probably a year ago - Jenna's married, Ryan's an RM, and Kevin's leaving on his mission in a few months, we finally allowed them to be upgraded), and we'd tell them it was midnight at 9pm, then bang the pots and pans outside, our neighbors probably thought we were nuts - 3 hours early, then make them go to bed. Then we'd stay up with our friends (usually Allyson & Natalie). We always decorated the house usually hanging as many ribbons/streamers from the ceiling as we could, which I'm sure my mom loved.

No surprise the best part of New Years for our boys was the chance to bang loud as they wanted on a bunch of pie tins, pots & pans, close second was all four of us dressing in matching pajamas again, Bart's doing, but the boys loved it. Thanks to Grandma, Grandpa, Jenna & Hyrum for joining our celebration, we know how exciting New Years at 9pm with toddlers can be. But we had fun!
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The Ward Family said...

Loved the tiger slippers, Bart!!!!