Saturday, January 17, 2009

It only took 5 minutes. . .

Here's Jackson's first day of Sunbeams. He couldn't have been more excited. He had a new big boy Primary outfit, and even posed for pictures before going into church. He said he had to pose on the rock, because boys who go to big boy primary pose on the rocks. (didn't know that did ya?)

Jackson and His little Friends Nora & Rylan
If you look from left to right, you notice the more attention the girls pay to Jackson the happier his face gets. Hmmmm... not a dumb kid I guess huh? He was so excited to be in Primary. They start with junior primary, and afterwards Jackson told me that his two favorite parts were the big kids giving talks, and singing. For the opening song they did a welcome to Primary song where they say a few kids' names, and they called up some of the new sunbeams. Jackson got to be in front of the whole primary and just ate up the attention. (No surprise there). He also got to throw a bean bag during singing time to pick the song they sang (which he talked about for the entire next week).

I stayed in Primary for the first few minutes and then snuck out the back. I talked to Jackson about the rules of Primary over and over again. (His teacher has two.) 1. Raise your hand if you want to talk and 2. Sit forward with your feet on the floor. Well it only took five minutes into opening exercises. Jackson was so excited, and was too excited to sit without talking. He would lean over to the girls and tell them everything he saw, heard, thought or who knows what else. So just before I snuck out his teacher had to move him down a chair and sit in between Jackson and the rest of the class. Oh well! At least he's too excited, I'd rather have him love being in primary a little too much, then clinging to my leg and crying not wanting to go!

** Week #2 update. When I asked Jackson how Sunbeams was he said "great!" When I asked him if he was a good boy, he said "yep . . . well almost." When I asked why almost, he said "because I didn't sit with my feet on the floor..." He's trying. At least it wasn't talking again! We'll get the hang of this pretty soon. But every week he loves his class!
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Pike's Place said...

I'm kind of bummed that Jayce and Jackson aren't in class together . . . but then think of the trouble they could cause! :) Aren't our kids so cute and grown-up? (sniff, sniff)

Julie said...

Sunbeams are the best! They just love everything and are so eager to do everything! He's darling!