Monday, January 5, 2009

Jackson = 0 Coffee Table = 10

December 15, 2008 - sorry it's blurry, it was on way out of the car at the hospital, the only pre-stitched picture I got...

While vacuuming the hallway getting ready for our caroling party that night, I heard Jackson and Carter playing in the family room. Just a few minutes later Jackson came running down he hallway crying hysterically. That sound no mom wants to hear. The "I'm really hurt" cry. It's different than any other cry, whine or yell, and instantly your heart drops and you know something is really wrong. I turned the corner and Jackson was running towards me with so much blood on his face I couldn't see his eyes, or tell what is wrong. I grabbed him, ran to the sink and immediately started trying to find what was wrong and causing the blood.

It took a little while but I got it to stop enough that I could see how big the gash was. Got him calmed down enough to tell me what happened. He wrapped himself in a blanket and was running across the family room, until he tripped on the bottom of the blanket and smashed face first into the rounded corner of our coffee table. It was about an inch long, but the problem was that it was gaping open. Since its right on his eyelid *Warning- a little gross - when he blinked the inside of his eye lid would protrude out the cut. I called Bart and without even saying hello, said "how do you know when a kid needs stitches? There's a lot of blood." All he said was "I'm coming home." Bart called my mom on the way home, and she came to stay with Carter, she also rolled out 140 cinnamon rolls that I had made that morning, and saved my life (and my caroling party), and by the time they both got home, I had Jacks pretty calmed down, and the bleeding was almost stopped.

We went to the San Martin Emergency Room and they were wonderful. Got us right in and we hardly waited to be seen. The Dr. said to us that at this age it was just easier just to hold the kid down and force him to stay still while they stitch him up. I asked if we could just explain to him what we needed him to do and what was going to happen. I was shocked at how well Jackson did. Bart held his hands and the nurse stood to the side. The Dr. washed the gash, then gave him a few shots to numb it, and I explained what they were doing (while pacing in front of the door). Other than a small cry for the shots Jackson was amazing. During the stitches he was talking to the nurse telling her about our caroling party, and how he was going to have Hot Chocolate, and did she like Hot Chocolate? Jackson ended up with 10 stitches, very small ones to keep it from scarring very much.

I have to admit I had a much harder time with him getting hurt than he probably did. After I knew he was okay I started to cry. I know mom's are supposed to be tough (and I am during the crisis) but afterwards I always lose a little of my toughness. My poor little guy. He did such a fantastic job, and later that night at our caroling party was quite proud of his war wound, showing it off to his friends as well as the older kids in our ward, especially the teenagers that came (a few are favorite babysitters, and an older brother of Jackson's friend). Hey - Chicks dig scars right?
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Christa Jeanne said...

Awww, poor kid!!! And poor Kel - I can't imagine the terror that must bring to rush your kid to the ER. I'm glad he's okay!

Here's a tip on scarring prevention - get vitamin E capsules and rub the vitamin E stuff inside on the scar daily. My dad got a nasty gash that prompted an ER visit last year, but he did that and massaged it a little each day, and the scar is barely visible. I don't know how patient Jackson would be with that, but maybe if you make it part of the bedtime routine?