Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jackson & Carter's Girls

Bart's cousin has the cutest girls. From the time Jacks was tiny he has loved them, and Carter is quickly learning just how wonderful girls can be. They are big favorites. Every time we see them, it takes weeks (even after we're back in Las Vegas) for Jackson to stop asking if he can go 'the girls house'.
Shana was a life saver and gave us a day off from some of the Christmas craziness just to hang out and make yummy treats. It came on a perfect day of lots of snow, and boys who really were tired of being cooped up. Carter wasn't so much help on the making cookie end, but on the eating everything in sight part he excelled.

Jackson & Emily made pretzel treats and were later joined by McKell (BeKell as Jacks calls her)
Our finished treats... sugar cookies, with gobs of frosting, pretzel treats with chocolate, caramel, M&M's and marshmallows.
After Carter had to give up on all the treats (I made him or he would have been sick), the only thing he wanted to do was look out the window at the snow... he was absolutely fascinated that the entire world was white!
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