Monday, January 5, 2009

Jackson's Gingerbread House

So everyone can rest assured, Grandma's gingerbread house that she has been hiding in her cupboard for years has finally been decorated. My mom made this gingerbread house who knows when, and never got around to decorating it. So when Bart's mission buddies had their Christmas Gingerbread House party, we went and confiscated the lonely gingerbread house from Grandma's. I don't know if there is anything genetic in gingerbread decorating but building this house was a serious undertaking for Jackson. (Maybe it comes from Bart's building houses). The best part of course was adding the frosting snow all over the roof tiles, and sides of the house, done entirely by Jackson. Carter could have cared less what was going on. He spent about 97% of the time we were at the Brooks' house playing with the jingle bells hanging from the front door, and dancing.
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