Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mom is Vindicated

The above picture is the first outfit Jackson went out in. Notice the thrilled face as he walks back in frozen. (He had been gone 5 minutes, but the snow was so high, he stepped off an embankment and sunk up to his nose in snow)

This is how Jackson went back out after a 10 minute redressing. Notice the head to toe snowsuit, but also that the original snow bibs are underneath that as well. There was no way my child was going to freeze again. So much for Bart trying to get him out of the house without looking like a marshmallow. (Thanks Tanna for the extra snow suit).

Mom wins. Everyone will now proceed not being able to move, and looking like ridiculous oompa loompas. But you'll be warm.

This was the last of the sledding pictures I took at the cabin, they went off, dragging Jackson on the sled (see how much does the child need to move, if he's being dragged on a sled?), but when they came back, they ventured into a whole new world of sledding. Power sledding. (which there should have been pictures of but Bart refused to take the camera). Bart decided that it wasn't good enough to drag Jacks on the sled, so they tied two sleds together, and then tied them to the back of our suburban. (Yes, I really loved this idea, let me tell you). Jackson was on the back sled, having a grand old time, Scott was on the front sled acting as a snow plow with his face (I'm sure not having a grand time, but he was such a great sport), while Bart pulled the two of them all over.

And yes, this is one of those reasons that boys have dads. To do fun, dangerous stuff, (that I explained afterwards why this was dangerous and all negative comments can be directed to Bart's email), but since it had already taken place, and there was nothing I could do about it, fell on deaf ears, I'm sure. Which is exactly why I'm sure Bart didn't tell me what they were going to do, until after they had already done it. But Jackson was thrilled, had so much fun, and Bart was the greatest Dad for taking him suburban sledding. I'm sure this won't be the last exciting idea they come up with... just tell me when they're all back safe.
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