Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"Mom! That's a Different Santa!! "

(Carter's face at seeing Santa, and the only really sad picture I got of Santa that night...)

That sentence should bring terror to any parent of a child younger than 8 (do they make it to 8 anymore believing in Santa?). The night after taking the boys to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop, we went to our ward Christmas Party. ** Note to self - when visiting Santa(s) do so at large intervals not two days in a row... genius.** So we go through the traditional ward ham/funeral potato dinner, then the ward Nativity program (pictures to follow), and get to the last part (that's sadly the reason any family with primary age children is still fighting their way to the end of the ward party).... Santa! Our ward has a really cute Santa that has come for the last couple of years (See proof of real Santa), but when Santa walked in Jackson's jaw dropped. He ran closer, smiled, Santa told him that Jackson's hat was just like Santa's (made Jackson's day) and then turning back to me, says the 5 words I couldn't explain away. "Mom! That's a different Santa!" Dumbfounded I forgot to take pictures, Bart wasn't around for backup, and the only picture I got as Santa came over to say hi to Carter is a true gem...hmmm.

So one picture and Santa has gone down the hallway with the entire primary following suit. I find Bart, unload Carter and make my way to the Primary room, without realizing (which by this point I should just assume) that Jackson has taken over and is the first in line for Santa. By the time I get passed the line, and up enough to even see where he is, he's already sat on Santa's lap, told him what he wants, (I've been informed from another mom, who was there ready, that he said, "All I want is a fishing rod, and a Transformer - that's it, nothing else!" Great.) and retrieved his bag of candy (which took him 3.5 seconds to eat all of it).

We made our way out, I started helping clean up the remaining mess in the kitchen & collect the dishes we'd brought, and eventually we made it out to the point where we were loading kids in the car. So Carter = buckled in & restrained - check. Jackson = MIA. Bart goes back in to retrieve him, and finds that once again our child has taken over Christmas and dubbed himself Santa's little elf. He's handing out the treat bags to the Primary kids (some 10 years older than himself), and telling them Merry Christmas. I don't know how he got himself this job, but I could hear the screams of "but I'm Santa's elf... Santa told me I was his special helper!" as Bart is carrying him out of the church building.

Now I actually felt a little guilty for making him leave. I mean what three year old gets to be Santa's elf, and hand out the treat bags, but by the time we realized what he meant, he was already buckled in, and our car loaded with extra (about to spill) food, and Carter was asleep. We explained to Jacks that Santa was going to go soon (they were almost down to the end of the line), and that we needed to get home to get ready for our trip (we were leaving the next morning for over a week, and still hadn't packed or wrapped any of the Christmas stuff). So that pacified him a little bit, and luckily through all the excitement forgot about the different Santa bit (I was sure I was going to be assaulted with questions the whole way home), at least until next year, and next year I'll have to be much faster with the camera!!
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