Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On to Christmas #2

We're really blessed that we were able to travel and spend Christmas with Bart's family in Utah, but also that when we came home, my brothers, and sister were in town to spend Christmas #2 with. We brought Jenna & Hyrum home from Utah with us, and Ryan & Kevin were home from BYU (or BYE - You as Jackson calls it) for Christmas break. So when we came home mom cooked us Christmas dinner again. My grandma's amazing prime rib, all kinds of yummy food, and raspberry pie and cheesecake later on.
The boys were very excited over the food. Although Jacks did insist on having a banana too (I have no idea why you'd pick a banana when there is cheesecake around), but they were both thrilled that they got to drink Martinelli's out of fancy glasses (as Jacks calls them), and Carter's esctatic expression was a result of seeing asparagus (which is his favorite). (My kids are weird what can I say).
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