Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our Last Day in Utah

This is the face Carter makes getting out of the car everytime its cold. It is accompanied either by a shuttering Ohhhh..... or "no go, no go" for wanting to go back inside. Mind you we see this face, whether its really cold, like it was this day, or whether its 50 degrees (Freezing for Vegas). He is definitely a wussy Vegas Baby (I have no idea where he gets that from).
We decided to make one more go at the snow activities. We took the kids to Rock Canyon Park, and had a mildly more successful go at sledding (minus any suburban dragging because mom was there to supervise). We drove over (following the car of all the older teenage cousins), and by the time we got two kids dressed (as marshmallows again), and out of the car, Bart's cousin Nick was walking back, his arm cradled by his dad (Uncle Dr. Kent) saying his collar bone was broken (first run down, went off a jump someone had built), they were picked up shortly and taken to the hospital (which after x-rays confirming it was got to spend 6 weeks in a sling). So the rest of us stayed and attempted the sledding adventure.

Carter once again thrilled about sledding, Jackson thrilled that mom wanted more pictures...

R side - Carter on his only attempt down the hill, one valient effort, then he spent the rest of the time running around in circles around the picnic tables (trying to keep warm from freezing no doubt)

Center picture - the look down the hill before Bart took off
Center Top & Bottom - Tiff and Gaby valiantly helping Jackson up the hill after he decided to go sledding down the hill on just his bum. (He did this three more times, and it is very hard to get a three year old who can't stand up back up a really big slippery hill) Good job girls.

Right side - Jackson's rides down (he did it three times, before Bart was so tired from dragging himself, child & sled back up the hill, falling a few times, he could hardly stand). Jacks had a lot of fun, minus the one time Bart tried to slow them down a little bit and sprayed snow directly into Jackson's face. That time he dragged crying, slippery three year old back up the hill.
The way Carter spent the end of the sledding trip (and probably his favorite part of all of it). After 749 times around the picnic table, mama & Carter ended up in the suburban where once unleashed from the snow suit, Carter was much happier flipping the turn signal on and off, and honking at unsuspecting sledders, than he was at any point outside.
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