Monday, January 12, 2009

Our Nativity

Not to dissappoint but the puppet show wasn't our only attempt at a theatrical production on Christmas Eve. We also brought our own spin to the nativity story. Jackson & Madeline were Joseph and Mary, (Jackson couldn't have been more proud when it started, or more bored by the time it ended, when he realized he didn't get to say anything, just stand there), Bart & Scott were shepards, and employed the good natured Jewel dog to be their sheep. The three younger boys, Bradley (who goes into the MTC this Wed), Brett, and Nick were the three wisemen, the girls, Tiff, Jess & Gaby were the angelic choir, and Carter although he didn't participate, and was content to lay watching as long as he had his ba ba, got up ran to the front and applauded everyone else's efforts. Not sure how much we suceeded on the spiritual aspect of the story, but it was fun, and each little bit helps right?
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