Saturday, January 17, 2009

Primary Breakfast

Four of the Newest Sunbeams
Nora, Rylan, Jackson, Indy

Jackson is now a Sunbeam. We went to his first Primary activity on the Saturday before and he got to meet his teacher, go to a short opening exercises, and then the best part have chocolate chip or strawberries & whip cream on his pancakes, plus chocolate milk (in the morning!), cooked by the bishopric. Brother Bryan gave each of the kids a sticker that said "Sunbeams is Awesome!" and Jackson wouldn't take it off all day long. Then they played duck, duck, goose until it was time to go have breakfast.
Technically this was supposed to be a pajama breakfast but I spaced that, and Jackson within two minutes had already ditched his shoes (no surprise there). He did fairly well sitting for the opening exercises, but he is a little talkative. He assumes that every talk, or question is directed just to him. At least he's excited! A few of Jackson's favorite friends, Nora and Rylan are in his class. Most of the little boy buddies from playgroup are in the class ahead of Jacks, so we're really glad he has these two little girlies to go to Sunbeams with.
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