Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Santa #3 in Four Days . . .

My kids might have had a bit of Santa overload. Bart's dad has dressed up every year as Santa for all the grandkids and younger cousins. So our second night in Utah, Santa came to visit. Jackson was not in the mood. He pulled his lovely "no pictures" hid in Aunt Tanna's pantry, and was all around just a pain.

Carter was happy to sit on Santa's lap, but decided quickly into the picture shooting, it was not worth the effort required to look at the camera or remain sitting, and became a floppy lump.

Even Abby (the ringleader of the group of younger girl cousins that Jackson affectionately refers to as "his girls") couldn't talk him into posing and smiling for Santa.

Here's our sad attempt. The only words Santa got out of Jackson were "fishing rod" surprise, surprise. I really enjoyed that the middle picture looks like he's ticked and humoring me all at the same time. The remaining time Santa was there, Jackson spent pouting in Tanna's pantry.

Santa & Mrs. Claus...

Sorry Grandpa, maybe we'll have better luck next year!
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Tiffani said...

It has been fun to catch up on all your posts the last couple days. Hope the pregnancy is still going well. Your boys are too cute!

Mike and Lauren said...

That middle picture of Jackson made me laugh out loud. It was fun to catch up on your recent posts -- hope all is well!