Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Santa with a Hunting Flair

At Bass Pro Shop (yes, its a little red-neckish, and no we don't fish or hunt, but its close to our house & Jackson is trying his little heart out to convince his dad to become a fisherman, which Bart would rather cut his arm off), they had a very cute Santa (a guy in my parent's stake in Green Valley), and a Christmas village. Now what Christmas village would be complete without hunting rifles, cross bow targeting, fish coloring activities, and reindeer stuffed and mounted but nonetheless it was cute.

The best part about this Santa is that its free (thanks Lisa for letting us in on this tip) and there is hardly any line (unlike the mall where you're trapped for 45 minutes with screaming kids, who by the time they get to see Santa are well on their way to the naughty list, and then you have to hand over one of the children's college funds for the dumb pictures they are now screaming through. Merry Christmas!)

We waited maybe 5 minutes (there were three kids a head of us, and probably 3-4 behind us), and Santa was really sweet with the kids. Jackson also decided while at Bass Pro Shop that his new Christmas list was limited to a transformer and a fishing rod. (Transformer that he's never seen, and the fishing rod that will take him probably until he's 30 before he talks his dad into going with him...) The unfortunate part for Jackson is that Santa had already finished her Christmas budget by this time, and we were leaving to go out of town in 1.5 days. (and is pregnant, tired and doesn't want to return stuff). More on the fishing rod fiasco later.

Free picture taken & printed by Bass Pro Shop - grainy, but hey they got Carter to look and I didn't!!
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Pike's Place said...

I'm glad you took advantage of the free Santa. I really liked him . . . I had no idea he was in your home stake. Cute kids, Kellie!