Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thanks Dr. Uncle Kent!

A few days after getting to Utah, Jackson was past his 7-10 day mark on his stitches. Bart's Uncle Kent, who's a Dr. in Utah, did us a huge favor and let us bring Jackson into his office, and removed the stitches for us. Jackson did a great job, just like when getting them in, especially after he asked "Uncle Kent? No pokes? (shots)." When Kent told him no shots, he was all set for anything else. For the most part they came right out, the stitch on each end was a little sticky, but with just a few calm Oww's, they were out, and we're stitch free!
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Pike's Place said...

How I'd love a Dr. Uncle Kent!!! Any chance to avoid a waiting room and co-pay would be wonderful! I wish Jer was a doctor . . . not for the money, but for the ease of medical treatment. Glad it worked out!