Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vegas' Record Snowfall

* L-R my windshield driving home, our front trees blocking the drive way, the backyard trees before being tied back up*

** Top three - Bart knocking snow of our trees so we could pull in the driveway. L-R Bottom = View down our street, Bart after snow fell off our roof onto his head, he was soaked & frozen, and Jackson & Bart as they knocked snow off our plants so they wouldn't die**

We went out Christmas shopping Wednesday night (the 17th), and during the day it had begun to snow. After a few hours it started to stick. Crazy as it was I've never seen it snow like this in the 20+ years I've lived here. We came back to our house and as we drove the street couldn't pull into our driveway because our trees were so bowed down with snow they were blocking the entire driveway. Our trees in the back yard were near breaking (one completely on the ground).

Thursday afternoon I bundled the kids up and let them play in the remainder of the snow (a little had melted, we had about 6 inches left), but I apparently have a problem. I bundled up poor Carter so much that he could hardly move. He spent a lot of his time falling over, and either way on his front or his back couldn't stand back up. Front ways he'd head plant (2nd row far right picture) into the snow and stay until I came and stood him back up. Backwards and he was a turtle (or Ralphie's brother from Christmas Story), where he just wiggled, kicking legs and waving arms. (This was repeated over the Christmas holiday - our kids are screwed when it comes to me and snow clothes).

Jackson made it out a little better - he could at least move. I should have bundled him up so he couldn't swing his arms because Jackson also discovered the fun of throwing snowballs at mom, and since he has unusual aim, got it right down my shirt. It was a fun day (and one that will be remembered, it hasn't snowed in Vegas that much in 30 years), and although I don't have school age kids, all the kids got a snow day off school. I could handle more than once every 30 years, but after two days of snow (snow clothes, cold, wet kids, ice on roads, and slush in my shoes because I own no snow shoes) I was so grateful for our lack of winter in Vegas!
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Julie said...

Wow! There is more snow there than there has been all winter here in Stavanger, Norway! It is fun to have snow days no matter where you live!