Friday, January 16, 2009

You know the child loves his toys when . . .

he not only will smile for pictures with them, but requests that pictures be taken of all of them, so they can go "on my blog" (its Jackson's blog apparently). Here's the space station set up and in working order, yes, I lose my dining table for about three days everytime we set this up.
Our growing dinosaur herd. Jackson was very particularly about how they be lined up, and the last is him growling along as they walk. I keep thinking about that poor dinosaur on Toy Story that really doesn't want another dinosaur to come live with Andy. Hopefully our dinosaurs have made better adjustments, so far there have been no casualties.

A few of our other favorites. Top L-R: Carter's amusement park, Jackson's big boy tools, just like Daddy's (I don't know what Bart was more tired of - his real tools disappearing or the holes Jackson put in our wall "fixing" our house with Bart's tools!) The Robot Brigade. Both Grandma's were so clued in to Jacks this year they each got him a robot. They do completely different things, and talk, flash lights, and attack danger. I will admit though a few days after Christmas these mysteriously got placed on top of our entertainment center (I found them taking down Christmas). We'll just say Bart can only take so much Robot talking at 7am. They have since been restored to their rightful owner, who is in little boy heaven. Jackson posing with his tools (cause he had to be in the picture - who's child is this?) Lastly, our newest members of our family. Since the boys have Bart for a dad, this is as close to puppies as they will be getting for quite some time (if ever, we're still working on it). But these little baby puppies, bark, yip, walk, bend down to be petted, and drink milk from a bottle. Now my boys don't feed them or nurture them, but they do make them bark and then bang them against things. (almost the same right?) The Dalmation is Jackson's, the little Beagle is Carter's. Jackson says his puppy's name is Puppy. We're really original.
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craftyashley said...

That is so funny! Of course it's Jackson's blog! LOL
He is so cute!

Pike's Place said...

Wow! Jackson scored with the toys -- nice!!!! He's a cutie!