Sunday, March 1, 2009

Big Brothers

Jackson getting to hold Owen
Top two with a little help - Bottom Three losing Owen's head, and holding the baby upside down...
Wanting Owen to watch Backyardigans with him, Jackson laid down on the hospital bed and wanted to watch a show, and wanted to share his favorite show with the new baby.

Carter didn't quite understand holding the baby, more like I'll sit here, you hold him, I'll stare at him and try and decide if a) he is real and b) if I've decided he can come home with us yet
My mom or Bart brought the boys up to see us at the hospital everyday (I'm sure the nurses were also glad to see them go home everyday), our visits went like this. Run in mom's room yell super excited. Give mom loves. Ask to hold Owen (Jackson at least). Climb on window sill (Carter yells at every truck or bus that goes by) and guest sleeper bed, then play in drawers underneath bed. Then push nurse call button. (This is where I die of panic and have to explain for the 71st time that it was an accident and no one is "coding".) Okay really they only did it three times. Then watch one of the 14 channels the hospital has (minus 4 that are called things like "The Newborn Channel" or "Patient Purgatory" like either of those is really going to save your life or teach you to take care of a child in the 1.75 days you're in the hospital) and hopefully we caught some kids show on (which means anything in a cartoon).

Overall the boys did fairly well. The highlights were how excited they were to see Owen and I everyday, as well as Carter learning to say "Omen" and without provocation run over give him a kiss on the top of the head, say baby and run away. Jackson also came to terms with the fact that the baby would not be named Robinson (Jackson's pick from Meet the Robinsons). (The first two days he left in tears, but I love Robinson!! I don't like Owen!) The last day he declared, "I think I like Owen. I don't like Robinson anymore. I'm going to call him Oh, for his nickname." (Jackson is fascinated with nicknames lately, wants to know what everyones' nicknames are). Thanks Grandma Kathy for watching the little monsters all week, and for making the effort to bring them to see us, by the end I think Carter even decided it was okay if we brought the baby home with us.
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lklarsen said...

Congrats on your new little one, He is so sweet. I bumped into your mom with Jackon and Carter last week and quickly assumed the reason for you not being with them. I am glad it went well and you are all adjusting and enjoying together. Hope to see you and your boys soon!